Agri Product Variety Price per 100 KG Market District State Price Date
Mango Other 8000 Harippad Alappuzha Kerala 25-February-2020
Peas Wet Peas Wet 3500 Meham Rohtak Haryana 25-February-2020
Green Chilli Green Chilly 2910 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Lemon Lemon 3560 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Onion Red 2600 Samsabad Agra Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Nutmeg Other 25000 Kattappana Idukki Kerala 25-February-2020
Mousambi(Sweet Lime) Mousambi 2700 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Castor Seed Castor seed 3745 Modasa Sabarkantha Gujarat 25-February-2020
Snakeguard Other 4600 Chathanoor Kollam Kerala 25-February-2020
Green Chilli Green Chilly 1650 Nakud Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Cloves Other 55000 Kattappana Idukki Kerala 25-February-2020
Bhindi(Ladies Finger) Other 2000 Kasinagar Gajapati Odisha 25-February-2020
Mousambi(Sweet Lime) Other 5000 Palampur Kangra Himachal Pradesh 25-February-2020
Apple Other 4500 Jalalabad Fazilka Punjab 25-February-2020
Pumpkin Pumpkin 1250 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Bitter gourd Bitter Gourd 4500 Kesinga Kalahandi Odisha 25-February-2020
Ginger(Green) Green Ginger 6350 Noida Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
Coriander(Leaves) Coriander 500 Harike Tarntaran Punjab 25-February-2020
Cardamoms Other 368000 Kattappana Idukki Kerala 25-February-2020
Bottle gourd Bottle Gourd 2000 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh 25-February-2020
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