Agri Product Variety Price per 100 KG Market District State Price Date
Potato (Red Nanital) 2000 Suratgarh Hanumangarh Rajasthan 13-July-2020
Potato (Red Nanital) 3000 Kamalghat West District Tripura 13-July-2020
Potato (Red Nanital) 2200 Gudimalkapur Hyderabad Telangana 13-July-2020
Potato (Red Nanital) 1800 Banur (Kheragaju) Mohali Punjab 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) 1001 1620 Harihara Davangere Karnataka 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) 1001 1835 Yellandu Khammam Telangana 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Basmati) 1121 2800 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar Pradesh 13-July-2020
Onion 1st Sort 1200 Suratgarh Hanumangarh Rajasthan 13-July-2020
Onion 1st Sort 1200 Gudimalkapur Hyderabad Telangana 13-July-2020
Onion 1st Sort 1110 Nawalgarh Jhunjunu Rajasthan 13-July-2020
Bengal Gram(Gram)(Whole) 999 5000 Rudauli Barabanki Uttar Pradesh 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) ADT 37 1350 Kalavai Vellore Tamil Nadu 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) ADT 37 1621 Chengalpattu Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu 13-July-2020
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) ADT 37 1446 Cheyyar Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu 13-July-2020
Cauliflower African Sarson 2000 Gudimalkapur Hyderabad Telangana 13-July-2020
Alasande Gram Alasande Gram 3919 Mundaragi Gadag Karnataka 13-July-2020
Alsandikai Alsandikai 2800 Ramanagara Bangalore Karnataka 13-July-2020
Alsandikai Alsandikai 2000 T. Narasipura Mysore Karnataka 13-July-2020
Amaranthus Amaranthus 2400 Kallachi Kozhikode(Calicut) Kerala 13-July-2020
Amaranthus Amaranthus 5000 Neyyatinkara Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 13-July-2020
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